Tear Jerker

You May Need a Box of Kleenex For This One…

Spending this Labor Day weekend with my grandparents has given me a lot of downtown – especially since they head to bed at around 9 p.m. I found myself spending two hours on YouTube last night – watching X Factor auditions alone. It all started with one that my friend Kellan, posted on my Facebook wall, and then it was pretty much all downhill from there as far as tears flowing. For those that don’t know me, and by no means am I ashamed to admit it, but I’m probably one of the most sensitive people I’ve ever known. I’ve been caught tearing up through Multiple Teen Mom episodes, ABC’s Extreme Makeover both ‘Home’ and ‘Weight Loss’ Edition and both the Bachelor & Bachelorette shows (numerous times). The ones that get me every time though, Soldier’s Coming home to their kids/families – I start crying before the You Tube video is even done buffering. I’ve even cried during an episode of Price is Right (actually admit I’m a bit shameful of that one). But last night it all started with this video and like I said it was downhill from here – woke up this morning with my eyes a bit swollen… (For some reason I can only insert links, I can’t actually embed the video to this post)

(1) Jade Richards – an amazing version of Adele’s “Someone Like You”incredible story behind this girl – makes me want the best for her and her family.

(2) Besides the fact he’s completely smitten by judge Tulisa – he’s still the cutest 16 year old boy – Luke Lucas – who sings an incredible version of Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You”Why I cried at this one I have no idea…

(3) Mitchell Callaway singing Keith Urban’s “Tonight I Want To Cry” – a man of ‘not so many words,’ adorable, soft spoken and innocent country boy who wants to change his life around – that was enough to get me going. That and the fact that one of the judges said he has such a rare connection with the song. I agree with them, he’s a shy kind of sexy.

(4) Janet Devlin sang Elton John’s “Your Song” – quiet, timid and beautiful this girl has such a unique and intriguing voice. She has no idea how amazing and talented she truly is. I went on to listen to many more of her You Tube videos after watching this audition, all of which I loved! Next Taylor Swift?

(5) The Keys – this group is just hot, that’s all – each one of them has a different talent that makes them so attractive – no tears for me on this one though, just butterflies 🙂

I could continue posting links of great auditions but if you’re anything like me you’ll need another box of Kleenex or perhaps another t-shirt sleeve to soak up the tears 😉 So I’ll bring it to a close here, hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!