You’ve Been Gone a Little too Long

In continuation from my recent post For the First Time Since 1998 we found out that Entertainment Weekly had brought the Home Improvement cast back together. What we didn’t find out was where our beloved Jonathan Taylor Thomas had been all these years. Here’s what JTT had to say about his long time absence from the business:

EW: You fell off the radar after the show ended and many of the castmembers haven’t seen you since then. What have you been up to?

Thomas: I’ve been going to school, and traveling quite a bit, getting to read a lot of books I’ve wanted to for quite some time. I think at this point, I’d eventually like to work behind the camera. That’s not to say I would never act again, I’m not quite sure to be honest. I still have a passion for TV and film could see myself working in it.

EW: Fans were thrilled to see the cast back together again and to especially see you.

Thomas: That actually sort of surprises me. I didn’t know there would be that kind of response. <– How in the world is so oblivious to the face that he was such a huge teenage heartthrob back in his time?!

EW: You single-handedly gave the teen fan magazines a reason to stay in business back in the 90s. Were you on the cover every week?

Thomas: I guess so, yeah. <– Still so innocent and humble

EW: Has he (Tim Allen) asked you to guest star on Last Man Standing?

Thomas: (Laughs). That has not come up yet. We’ll see about that. I’m sure they have a lot of stories they want to get to. <– I wouldn’t complain if he made an appearance back on screen 🙂

Myyy my my 🙂

He really hasn’t changed a lick since then 😉