Facebook’s Finest Captivating, Cool, Cover Photos

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been lacking inspiration (and time) on keeping up with my blog. But last week I came across Jeff Bullas’ blog post 20 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos which immediately inspired me to post one similar – except with my own personal favorites. After Facebook recently tumbled out their new Timeline, companies have had an opportunity to showcase their brand like never before – and what better way to do that than capturing a customer’s attention right away with an appealing photo across the top of your Facebook page?

Below are a few of my all-time favorites images that I think are the most unique and captivating (in no particular order):

Nikon does an amazing job posting the “Photo of the Month” as their cover photo, not only are they some amazing pictures taken by their Nikon cameras but they also engage their fans and allow them to gain exposure for a personal brand of their own.

If that doesn’t look like the perfect, crunchy bite – then please show me something that does… Great job inviting your consumers in to satisfy a small chocolate craving.

Love this photo – showcasing Chevy’s evolvement through the years. Oh and if you haven’t seen this commercial of Chevy’s check it out! It’s one of my favorites, they do a great job encompassing the meaning behind a car as well as their “Chevy Runs Deep” campaign.

Chevy does it again for me and I’m sure this Cruze was just easily edited into the image by their excellent photoshop team however, I’m a sucker for any photo with the City of Angels in the background – so with simply that, they’ve nabbed my attention for a split second.

Leave it to Facebook to have a fascinating cover photo…

Not playing favorites here at all… 😉 No, but really I do like the simplicity of the Detroit Lion’s cover photo. Then again it may have something to  do with the fact that I’m also a Spartan and I loved the look of our Nike Pro Combat gloves that rolled out last year when we played ‘dem Wolverines.

Not sure why I like this but I do! Seeing a sold out show from Jay-Z’s view is pretty awesome. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Love the perspective Caterpillar takes on this!

I like how The North Face shows their customers at peace with the environment around them. Stunning but yet simple scenery.

I’m not even a huge fan of chocolate but yet Milano makes it look outstandingly delicious.

Saw this on Jeff Bullas’ blog post and had to share it. I love anything that depicts a natural and green environment.

Red, two-door coupe, speed… yep that’ll sell me. Now let me just count out a few hundred thousand for it…

Well hello there Blake.. what nice biceps you have 😉 But seriously, this is kind of cool.

Ahh, take me back to Spring Break 2010…. that is all. This doesn’t even look real.

And that is all! Do you have any brands that you’ve come across with a cool Facebook Cover photo? One that draws you in more than others? These cover photos are such a great way for companies and brands to show off their personality and creativity. Especially with Facebook now acquiring the current king of photography, Instagram – I can only imagine how clever and creative brands will get with this.

A Social Media Obssesion

You know you’re obsessed with social media when the first things you do after your alarm goes off in the morning are… (via my iPhone mind you):

1. Check for any Twitter mentions

2. Read through the emails notifying me of my new Twitter followers

3. Check for any new notifications on Facebook

4. Check Instagram for any new followers or likes

5. Go to my Google+ app to view who’s added me to their circle

6. Check out my Chicago Groupon app to see what deals are popular (especially for dinner that day)

7. Head to my LinkedIn app to view the profile of who wants to connect with me

And then to make matters worse, after I spend 10 minutes doing all this on my iPhone, I head straight to my Mac and do it all over again, just so I can see it on a bigger screen or is it because I’m obsessed? Three other things I do once on my computer – (1) head to my iGoogle homepage where I’ve subscribed to and follow multiple RSS feeds of different blogs… all based around social media – here, I read up on any new interesting articles – which I usually end up Tweeting/Retweeting (2) I do a little stumbling on StumbleUpon to see if there’s anything worth sharing with my Twitter followers and (3) I head to my WordPress Blog account to check out my site stats/views/comments – and sometimes take a few minutes to write a blog post about something that is on my mind.

I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I’m starting to become a real Social Media Enthusiast – and I’m not ashamed 😉