(more to come…)

  1. Start and manage a blog!
  2. Buy groceries for the stranger behind me in line.
  3. Visit Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory in LA
  4. Make a purchase from a store on Rodeo Drive.
  5. Have an impact on someone’s life and know about it.
  6. Always adopt my pets.
  7. Have a conversation Justin Bieber.
  8. Take a picture in the fountains at the Bellagio.
  9. Win big while gambling (only once).
  10. Attend a famous horse race and wear a fancy hat.
  11. Go ice-skating at the Rockefeller Center.
  12. Avoid Facebook for a month.
  13. Become my own boss.
  14. Run a 5k.
  15. Take a Bondurant racing course.
  16. Vacation in Europe.
  17. Be interviewed on a popular TV show.
  18. Donate blood.
  19. Have a happy and healthy family.
  20. Shoot or be a part of viral video.
  21. Be on a game show.
  22. Design my future home.
  23. Be asked to be a guest blogger.

One comment on “Bucketlist

  1. beckpowers says:

    You have impacted lives you just don’t know yet. I wanna go to the horse race too, I will buy the hats. You are your own boss in a sense. Be it. Start with the end in mind. Be creative. Set goals. I will run the 5K with you if you do it soon…You are a happy and healthy gal, you will be a awesome role mom. I love you more than you know forever. You can do nothing to make me love you more, you can do nothing to make me love you less. Make the people in your lives more important than the ‘things’ you need to get done or need!

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