About Me

Thanks for checking out the blog, hope you’ve enjoyed it thus far 🙂 Continue below to find out more about me!

As of now this blog is set up as a means to keep my friends and family updated with a new chapter of my life, taking place in Chicago. However, I hope to soon take it to another level and really capture the attention of potential followers. I want to blog about things people can relate to, and eventually become a site for people to visit to because they actually have an interest in the content and what I have to say. Be prepared to gain insight on my opinions, thoughts, interests, experiences and anything else that I encounter throughout my life post graduation. Ahh what a #bittersweet time this shall be. Oh and please feel free to send me feedback, comments or any suggestions  you may have for me as I always look forward to these things! A few more things about me:

I received: a BA in Advertising from Michigan State University as well as a specialization in Public Relations

I’ve worked: as an office assistant at Michigan Fitness Foundation, server at Buffalo Wild Wings, intern at Allied Integrated Marketing, intern at Boxing Cat Productions, volunteer at Lollipop Theater Network, cocktail waitress at the Laugh Factory of Hollywood,  the Social Media and Marketing coordinator at the new Chicago Laugh Factory, an community and marketing intern at Spartz Media and I just recently started my new position (currently undefined) with a startup company  called MarkITx down at the amazing place of 1871.

I’ve never: not tried any food once, received a speeding ticket (although I’m always speeding), finished a jawbreaker, streaked, snuck into a movie, broken a bone, rode a motorcycle, got a tattoo, given someone a fake phone number.

I have: gotten bucked off a horse, always forgiven, grabbed an electric fence, been in an ambulance, held a snake, used a fake ID, driven a stick shift, the best family and friends one could ask for.

I am: an only child, left handed, addicted to social media and my iPhone, the most sensitive person you’ll ever meet, lover of bread and pasta, a Detroit Lion’s fan, an accomplished horse back rider, gullible, animal lover, obsessed with sushi, strong-willed, attracted to fast cars.

My favorite holiday to celebrate: Thanksgiving – when the majority of my mom’s side of the family comes to Birmingham, Michigan to enjoy everything we’re thankful for. Not only that, but for the past 11 years we’ve made it a tradition to attend the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game (I’ve unfortunately only witnessed 2 wins since we started going, and have never once stayed until the end of the 4th quarter).

My biggest fears: rejection, failure, thunderstorms, moths, the unknown, being alone, the dark, balloons, deep lake water, scary movies, going in debt, clowns, and bats.

 If I had a superpower: I’d want to read people’s minds.

If someone wrote a biography about me it’d be titled: “I Think I Can, I Think I Can.”

More on Where I Come From

Honestly I’d have to say a lot of who I am stems from who my dad was. He was a man of intelligence, architecture, art and design. I’d like to think that a majority of my artistic talents and my keen eye for design comes from a part of him. He taught me perfection from a young age. Everything from mowing the lawn in straight and concise lines to measuring the new arena fencing with a level to flawlessly painting my “clubhouse” walls, I knew how to do it all before I was 10. Yes, I still played with Barbies and I was involved in all the girly things as a child, but I actually preferred spending my time outdoors, especially in dad’s workshop designing birdhouses and a 15-foot slide for my backyard.

Our biggest and most proud project of all definitely had to be the 32’x40’x10’ barn we started planning when I was 11 years old. I had been begging for a dream barn like this for the 3 years prior to when the plans actually started. I’ve never been so excited to have finished a task like this as I was when this barn was completed – 2 years later by no one other than my dad himself.

My dad taught me so many fundamental aspects of life and has truly shaped a lot of who I am as a person before I was 14, and I thank him immensely for that. I hope I can continue to embrace the artistic abilities that I’ve been given and display that gift of talent that my father can no longer continue to – throughout my entire life and career.

Love and Missing You Still Daddy-o!

One comment on “About Me

  1. Anne Demme says:

    i loved reading every little bit of this sarah, especially about your daddy! you are a truly amazing lady (not to mention a very accomplished builder, i now see exactly where that comes from)…i’m so proud of you and miss you tons!! loves xx

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