Snacks Of the Past

About to bring back some memories. Literally sitting in my living room last night remembering some of my favorite times from elementary, first thing that popped into my head was snack time (last 10 minutes of lunch they opened up the “snack line” where us kids would scrape together our left over lunch money just to buy some sugar from the lunchroom). From these memories, many more started to come to mind.

1. The first snack I always think of that most of my friends rarely remember when I bring it up, is String Things – I think they only came in red/yellow and blue/yellow packaging with a long piece of red or blue string that was in the shape of a shooting star on a white piece of cardboard? I tried googling it and the picture doesn’t do much for me, anyone remember them though? Why did they take these things off the shelves – they were amazing and entertaining!

2. Koala Yummies: self-explanatory – most amazing chocolate filled perfectly sized cookies that came in the cutest box ever!

3. I don’t think I ever met an 8 year old that didn’t like Dunkaroos. The whole package could have been filled with just the vanilla frosting for all I cared – that was by far the best part.

4. Dannon’s Sprinkl’ins may or may not have been the best snack ever. It may have been because I was a sugar deprived child living with my mom – so as a 7 year old I ate the regular “Fruit on the Bottom” Dannon Yogurt rather than Sprinkl’ins. Remember, it had the sprinkles underneath the lid and you peeled back the tinfoil 🙂 yum.

5. I feel like Warheads were used to “impress the boys,” maybe it’s just me. The boys seemed to be more accepting of us little girls when we’d prove ourselves by keeping that warhead in our mouth, bearing the sourness and pain just so we could feel cool haha 😉 My mouth is literally watering right now as I’m googling pictures of this candy…

6. Every time I went up to the corner gas station with my dad I always came back with a Bug City… are these still around?

7. For the 12-14 girls that always attended my birthday party sleepovers you were sure to find Candy Dots in your goody bag, am I right?

8. Whoever was on the team for product placement of Super Ropes, you read the mind of my mother quite well. Conveniently located at the checkout lane of every Meijer’s, this was always my reward for being a well-behaved child while grocery shopping with mom 🙂 34″ inches!

9. Why the concept of Bubble Tape was so cool is beyond me, but that’s the only type of gum I chewed as a kid. How funny would that be if I busted that out on the train on my way to work here in Chicago. I think I’d turn a few heads 🙂

10. Barnum’s Animal Crackers: I could never finish the entire box in one sitting – which was probably a good thing – but they definitely served as a perfect dessert after dinner later on in the day. Pretty sure some of them had a string on top for carrying and easy transportation.

11. Once again, mom bought these for me on very rare occasions. Handi-Snack Ritz Crackers & Cheese: I savored every single one of them – sometimes only taking 3 per week for lunch, that way I wouldn’t go through the entire pack of 5 in just one week.

12. I could not remember the name of these candies for the life of me, I kept searching Zotz and Sourz but neither of the packaging looked familiar. Finally found what I was looking for Lotsa Fizz… loved these ones, nothing beats the original fizz candy.

Well I think that completes my favorite snacks from the past! Had some fun with this post, brought back a lot of memories. Am I missing any other good ones? It’s too bad some of these still aren’t on the shelves of stores today, they’d all still be a big hit with me! 😉