Anxiously Waiting…

Back in early June I got the official word and position that I would be working for the new Laugh Factory opening here Chicago – a well reputable comedy club that’s extremely successful out in LA. I had the opportunity to work out there last summer as a cocktail waitress, which is fortunately how I was able to get in to this location here. As soon as I received word that they were planning on opening a club in Chicago, I immediately got in contact with the owner, had an interview when he was visiting here and basically got offered the position right then and there. They decided to bring me on as a social media and marketing person, since that was were my expertise was. I informed them about my passion with social media and the great benefits it’ll have for their company – especially since comedy is all about interacting with your fans. Since I’m not a talented comedian myself, I figured I can do more of the ‘behind the scenes entertainment’ and interact with the fans in a different manner – through tweeting, facebooking, blogging, etc.

 The Laugh Factory is opening in the old Lakeshore Theater location on Belmont and Broadway in the Lakeview neighborhood. The building has been undergoing an $5 million dollar renovation which has ultimately taken the entire summer and longer to complete. After just recently meeting with my boss at the Laugh Factory and two other employees a few weeks ago, he gave us a start date of September 12th in the office – next Monday! and I can hardly wait!

I’ve been in talks and texting with my co-worker, Tricia – who will also be a social media and marketing coordinator as well – for the past few weeks. We’ve met previously to discuss all our thoughts, ideas and plans on what we want to do for the Laugh Factory. We had the chance to tour our new office, where our minds will be hard at work, and let me tell you… we’re completely feeding off the energy and excitement of each other, which is making us more anxious to actually start. The 377 person theater is planning for a red-carpet blowout, with promised A-Lister celebrities, something I hope Tricia and I will soon be diligently working on! I just keep telling myself patience is key… it’ll all fall into place, eventually. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a start date within the next week so we get in that office to begin planning and promoting this impressive new club coming to Chicago! Until then I’ll keep you posted, especially on the actual opening date of the club itself 🙂

Comedy at Its Best

He’s Back…

This father’s day I had a wonderful opportunity to head up to Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt Pleasant with the majority of my family to catch Tim Allen in his home state on his comedy tour. I just recently saw him last summer while out in Las Vegas, where the material was similar but hilarious both times. I found myself laughing harder the second time around, catching on to some jokes I didn’t get last summer. Tim warns early on in his standup how inappropriate the content may be  and that he’s not the family man he’s so often portrayed in his movies/show (Santa Claus and Home Improvement). As expected the men in the audience seem to be his main target with many of the jokes, however he connects easily with family, women and the elderly as well.

Be prepared to hear numerous references to shits, farts and other “saucier” things. He had myself as well as my mom and step-dad in tears – laughing hysterically throughout the entire 45 minutes. (I forgot to mention Lowell Sanders led an amazing 15 minute show prior to Tim coming on stage – another very talented comedian I must say!) I’d definitely recommend his show to anyone – 18 and up that is 😉 Follow Tim on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep up with his whereabouts and when he’ll be doing stand-up in a city near you. And for those of you that don’t already know he’s returning to ABC this fall with a new show called Last Man Standing, this time he’s the father of 3 girls rather than 3 troublesome boys. Should be interesting!