Facebook’s Finest Captivating, Cool, Cover Photos

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been lacking inspiration (and time) on keeping up with my blog. But last week I came across Jeff Bullas’ blog post 20 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos which immediately inspired me to post one similar – except with my own personal favorites. After Facebook recently tumbled out their new Timeline, companies have had an opportunity to showcase their brand like never before – and what better way to do that than capturing a customer’s attention right away with an appealing photo across the top of your Facebook page?

Below are a few of my all-time favorites images that I think are the most unique and captivating (in no particular order):

Nikon does an amazing job posting the “Photo of the Month” as their cover photo, not only are they some amazing pictures taken by their Nikon cameras but they also engage their fans and allow them to gain exposure for a personal brand of their own.

If that doesn’t look like the perfect, crunchy bite – then please show me something that does… Great job inviting your consumers in to satisfy a small chocolate craving.

Love this photo – showcasing Chevy’s evolvement through the years. Oh and if you haven’t seen this commercial of Chevy’s check it out! It’s one of my favorites, they do a great job encompassing the meaning behind a car as well as their “Chevy Runs Deep” campaign.

Chevy does it again for me and I’m sure this Cruze was just easily edited into the image by their excellent photoshop team however, I’m a sucker for any photo with the City of Angels in the background – so with simply that, they’ve nabbed my attention for a split second.

Leave it to Facebook to have a fascinating cover photo…

Not playing favorites here at all… 😉 No, but really I do like the simplicity of the Detroit Lion’s cover photo. Then again it may have something to  do with the fact that I’m also a Spartan and I loved the look of our Nike Pro Combat gloves that rolled out last year when we played ‘dem Wolverines.

Not sure why I like this but I do! Seeing a sold out show from Jay-Z’s view is pretty awesome. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Love the perspective Caterpillar takes on this!

I like how The North Face shows their customers at peace with the environment around them. Stunning but yet simple scenery.

I’m not even a huge fan of chocolate but yet Milano makes it look outstandingly delicious.

Saw this on Jeff Bullas’ blog post and had to share it. I love anything that depicts a natural and green environment.

Red, two-door coupe, speed… yep that’ll sell me. Now let me just count out a few hundred thousand for it…

Well hello there Blake.. what nice biceps you have 😉 But seriously, this is kind of cool.

Ahh, take me back to Spring Break 2010…. that is all. This doesn’t even look real.

And that is all! Do you have any brands that you’ve come across with a cool Facebook Cover photo? One that draws you in more than others? These cover photos are such a great way for companies and brands to show off their personality and creativity. Especially with Facebook now acquiring the current king of photography, Instagram – I can only imagine how clever and creative brands will get with this.

My Love Hate Relationship with the Kardashian Empire

Once again, I find myself wasting my time watching the season finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York and THEN blogging about my thoughts, I’m sure people could care less about. But for my own purpose, it’ll be interesting 10 years from now when I look back on this post and just laugh at myself… for getting so caught up in this stupid yet brilliant empire of a family.

Highlights from the Finale (just incase you didn’t waste your time watching it)

“I feel like a failure, I feel really bad. I just don’t know what to do.” – Kim about her relationship, if only you were just dating, you could just easily ‘break up.’

 “I feel dead inside…” – not the feeling you should expect after having a fairy tale wedding and marrying the man of your dreams.

 “I feel like I’m having to make an effort to hang out.” – it shouldn’t have to be an effort! You’re suppose to be happily married and in love!

“I’m never working out with you ever again.” – Kim to Kris after Kris calls her out for not showing any “emotion” and keeping a straight face after 5 crunches. ha.

 Side note: Most awkward couple date ever. – Kim even admits her self.

 Kim, you don’t feel comfortable about bringing all of Kris’ things to your house in LA? You’re married, why wouldn’t you feel comfortable?! And why wouldn’t you discuss living situation prior to marriage?

 Props to Kourtney for calling Kim out for being a bitch to Kris.

 “You’re not ready for someone in your life” – Kris to Kim. How did you guys date for 8 months and not figure this out about each other?

 Part of me feels bad for Kris having been “framed” for looking like the bad guy in this situation – when he’s actually just a normal, realistic (sometimes dumb), guy.

 “You do realize you’re married right?” – Scott to Kim after she tells him she thinks Kris is crazy for wanting to move in with her in LA. Right on Scott.

 You say you two shared something special? Please. Tell us what that was Kim?…

 It’s sad the script makes it sound like Kris believes he and Kim are going to make it, when on the other side Kim is weird and distant and clearly wanting a “break.”

After 8 months, you finally realize you don’t have the same interests, don’t have the same friends and don’t have a lot to talk about. Crazy how they even made it that long.

Peak of New York for Kim: “waking up and seeing Mason every day”… it wasn’t living with your husband or waking up next to him? How sad is that? 😦

Everything set aside, I congratulate momma Kris and producer’s for successfully marketing such a beautiful and entertaining family. Job well done. You get me hooked every season. And yes, I’m already looking forward to Khloe and Lamar!

For those of you that forgot some of the details from their wedding, I found this infographic to be very informative 🙂

The Importance of Twitter Chats

I recently started getting involved in Twitter chats about a month ago, and I pretty much dived in head first not really knowing what to expect. The first few I remember just sitting back and watching my Twitter feed (under specific chats) just flood in with multiple tweets per second. Didn’t say much but rather watched the process of it all, who was heading it, what kind of responses were coming in and the unique interactions that were taking place. It didn’t take long for me to learn a few of the specifics and eventually start getting invited to other chats taking place throughout the week. I’d still consider myself a newbie as I’m learning something new every chat I “attend” – but for all those others out there who have yet to get involved I’ll start you off with a few beginner tips. If you’re a twitter chat pro please feel free to comment and pass some tips on my way!

1. Use www.TweetChat.com – type in the chat you’re attending at the top, this is a constant feed of tweets from that specific chat only. You don’t even need to add the hashtag at the end of your tweet, it already does it for you!

2. Download the Classic Retweet if you haven’t done so already, makes retweeting a breeze (note: there are different ones for Chrome & Firefox, etc).

3. Follow the people you’re interacting with, a majority of them have great future insight to PR, Social Media and Marketing – things your interested in. And they usually always respond with a mention or a follow back. I gain about 10+ new followers from every chat – you’ll eventually start recognizing their faces from other chats too.

4. After engaging in conversation with these people, send them a personal mention or message outside of the chat asking if they want to connect on LinkedIn. I’ve had multiple people even offer me recommendations or suggestions for places looking to hire. Twitter chats are a GREAT place to connect with people in your area of business.

5. After the chat is complete, send out a Tweet expressing a note of thanks to the person(s) who headed the chat, asked all the questions and provided some great answers. Even a tweet of thanks mentioning 5 or 10 new connections you made always helps to put a smile on their face. People like to be recognized, there’s no doubting that.

6. Each chat is usually only an hour long, with an average of 6 questions – trust me it’s worth your time and the connections made. It’s even possible to participate while having the Bachelor on in the background. 😉

Here’s a list of different chats I’ve taken place in over the past few weeks on a nightly basis that you may be interested in (central time):

Monday: #InternPro at 8:00pm, #JobHuntChat at 9:00pm

Tuesday: #LeadershipChat at 7:00pm, #LinkedInChat at 7:00pm, #GetRealChat at 8:00pm and #SMManners at 9:00pm

Wednesday: #GenYChat at 8:00pm, #ToolsChat at 9:00pm

Thursday: #b2bchat at 7:00pm, #MediaChat at 8:00pm

Sunday: #BlogChat at 8:00pm

Getting Back on Track

Thanks to a Twitter friend, I was fortunately informed about a great opportunity to take part in. I’ve decided to challenge myself to the Better Blogger Challenge in hopes of getting back on track with my blog. Two months and 36 required posts will hopefully be just the push I need in order to get back in the habit of blogging. I initially started this for a project in college, then it turned into a place where family and friends could keep track of me after I moved to Chicago and now my current direction is to transform it into a Social Media & Marketing based blog.

I’m hoping that my writing is informative  and interesting enough that it will eventually create it’s own niche of individuals who will continue to follow along and share what they’re reading. Blogging has always seemed to have a positive impact on me, allowing me to release thoughts, feelings and ideas that I normally wouldn’t take the time to write down. This past summer I spent a lot of time blogging about my adventures after I had just moved to the city of Chicago, but after I took my current job position I’ve unfortunately lost focus and never made the time to blog – the past 3 months have been brutal, almost embarrassing.

I’ve come up with a few personal goals for myself after accepting this Better Blogger Challenge, hoping they’ll encourage me to stay on track:

1. Curate enriching and beneficial content that will result in more subscribers.

2. Once the challenge is over, I’m hoping blogging will become part of an EVERYDAY lifestyle for me, a habit – even if it’s a 20 word post, inspiring image and/or quote – I want to be able to contribute consistently to my ‘brand.’

3.  Base a large majority of my posts around my experiences as a post grad and social media and marketing tips.

4. Overall, I want to revamp my blog, find a general focus and through this process eventually find a better fit of a title for it.

If you’re reading this… Thanks, and please feel free to leave feedback or comments – they’d be much appreciated as I’m taking on this little two month journey 🙂

So what are we waiting for? Let’s kick this thing off 🙂

What character do you play on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?

The Difference Between the Three 

(From my perspective…)


Facebook is for those you personally know, you’ve met at least once face to face (hopefully). You learn (or don’t really learn) and read about things you shouldn’t care about, things that benefit you in no way what so ever. Facebook is where you can still pretend like you’re “young” and in college.

Twitter is for those people you wish you personally knew and could meet face to face. You learn and read articles posted by them about some of the most important things – things that will actually benefit you in your life and career. Twitter is where you act a little more mature and interact with other professionals – it’s not a friend “hangout.”

LinkedIn is for connecting with people you one day would love to do business with – you learn and read about events and companies you could actually see yourself becoming involved with at some point in your career. LinkedIn is where you shouldn’t be able to tell one’s age (besides basing it off the picture and graduation year), you should be nothing but professional on here.

So with that, feel free to add me on Twitter and LinkedIn – preferably not Facebook, since there’s probably a good chance we haven’t met face to face 🙂

Kim Kardashian Ridiculousness (Part 1)

After watching just the first 5 minutes of Kim’s Fairytale Wedding, I immediately knew I had to blog about it. I was already starting to text my girl friends on how ridiculous it was, and figured it’d be a lot easier if I just jotted down everything that annoyed me… which was a lot. To be honest I haven’t even found the time to sit down and watch part 2 of the whole ordeal, for those of you who haven’t seen part 1, well you didn’t miss much – and you can get the main points if you just read below… 

It actually ended up being somewhat entertaining thanks to Khole’s smart ass (minus the fact EVERYTHING is ENTIRELY SCRIPTED!!)

Three minutes in and Kim is already complaining about Kris’ dogs, how she’s going to live with them. She can’t tolerate them in her bed. “Dog boogers are disgusting and unsanitary and these are just issues I can’t deal with. I have allergies now. Those things have to go in crates. I’m going to a hotel.” Seriously? enough is enough…

To start off… I’m not kidding when I say ¼ of the show was about Kris and her surgery she got done on her face, which happened to be a little too graphic anyways.

Great comment from Mr. Humphries when he told Khloe “your mom looks like an alien from MIB.” He continues to go on with saying “Khole’s just an inappropriate attention seeker” –  “She’s just so creepy to be around.” – how nice to say to your future sister in-law.

Laughed out loud when Scott mocked Kris H on his slowww dumb voice.…. “Sorrrry guysss I got losttt. Againnn….” – funny how I noticed this the first time this guy was introduced on the show.

Oh and another ¼ of the show is all shots of scenery in LA

How is it that after 5 weeks Kris finally makes her ‘entrance’… and shows off her new look after surgery… what, has she been in hiding out since then?

Sidenote: anyone notice Kim’s luuuumpy butt in her white pants the day she went wedding dress shopping (yikes, fashion faux pas).

Is it me or is it odd that Kim’s entire family questions Mr. Humphrie’s intentions and they’re all seriously worried about a prenup?

Casino wedding theme – Really Humphries, funny but definitely won’t fly with your girl.

5 Guys and Burgers… and a little truck… or stand? Haha I actually loved Humphrie’s reference to a State Fair for their wedding.

Kim’s mom apparently planned it out so that the entire Kardashian side of the family was scheduled to roll up in Rolls Royces and Kris H’s poor side of the family areeeeeee driving up in what?….

Rob let it be known that Khole doesn’t like Kris’ voice either (haha that makes a few of us…)

Booking the wedding location behind Humphrie’s back. Seriously? Who does that?

“Eating tacos is like the best experience.” – I might have to agree Rob haha

And another ¼ of the show is dedicated to Robs food addiction…

Why would you give people donuts at the wedding? In the shape of a heart… classy Kim… real classy haha

So that leaves 1/4 of the show left over (between Kris’ surgery, LA scenery and Rob’s addiction) – of that I’d still say there was only a total of 10 minutes that covered the actual wedding planning. Sweet. Still have yet to watch part 2… is it even worth my time to watch it?

Check out another post I actually took the time to write – ranting about more details from the wedding “America’s Royal Wedding…” seriously?

You’ve Been Gone a Little too Long

In continuation from my recent post For the First Time Since 1998 we found out that Entertainment Weekly had brought the Home Improvement cast back together. What we didn’t find out was where our beloved Jonathan Taylor Thomas had been all these years. Here’s what JTT had to say about his long time absence from the business:

EW: You fell off the radar after the show ended and many of the castmembers haven’t seen you since then. What have you been up to?

Thomas: I’ve been going to school, and traveling quite a bit, getting to read a lot of books I’ve wanted to for quite some time. I think at this point, I’d eventually like to work behind the camera. That’s not to say I would never act again, I’m not quite sure to be honest. I still have a passion for TV and film could see myself working in it.

EW: Fans were thrilled to see the cast back together again and to especially see you.

Thomas: That actually sort of surprises me. I didn’t know there would be that kind of response. <– How in the world is so oblivious to the face that he was such a huge teenage heartthrob back in his time?!

EW: You single-handedly gave the teen fan magazines a reason to stay in business back in the 90s. Were you on the cover every week?

Thomas: I guess so, yeah. <– Still so innocent and humble

EW: Has he (Tim Allen) asked you to guest star on Last Man Standing?

Thomas: (Laughs). That has not come up yet. We’ll see about that. I’m sure they have a lot of stories they want to get to. <– I wouldn’t complain if he made an appearance back on screen 🙂

Myyy my my 🙂

He really hasn’t changed a lick since then 😉

For the First Time Since 1998

Teen heartthrob Jonathon Taylor Thomas came out of what seemed to be hiding!

Apparently Pat Richardson accidentally tweeted a picture of the recent Home Improvement reunion, brought to together by Entertainment Weekly. Either way fans didn’t hate it – they loved seeing celebrity teen heartthrob, JTT’s face for the first time in over 14 years. I think fans have secretly been waiting for this day to come – and it finally has. It’s funny because for some reason I felt like he’d be closer to my age, and we’d be just perfect for each other by now, but apparently he just turned 30! It’s been 12 years since the memorable series that lasted for 8 years came to an end. Where has time gone? – I literally feel like I was just tuning into this show the other day…

Good news though, for those of you that don’t know, Tim Allen is coming out with a new show this fall that claims to have a lot of similarities to Home Improvement. Last Man Standing now has manly-man Tim living in a “women’s world” while attempting to raise three daughters all at different and interesting stages in their life. Tune in Tuesdays this fall starting October 11th, Tuesdays 8 p.m. on ABC to catch the new series.

Looking at Mark, I would have never guessed he was a popular TV star 15 years ago, yikes dude. Tim still looking good. Zach looks higher than the clouds. Heidi looks great – with a few lip injections here and there? Al…aged well and still looks the samehappy as always. Patricia, the iconic TV mom – looks amazing at 60! And JTT self explanatory, still adorably cute as ever (I don’t think he’s grown in height since the last episode).

Yikes, Mark…

I don’t think the boys could get much cuter at this age.

Nice article from Ron Dzwonkowksi from the Detroit Free Press relating to Last Man Standing. Check out the trailer.