Kim Kardashian Ridiculousness (Part 1)

After watching just the first 5 minutes of Kim’s Fairytale Wedding, I immediately knew I had to blog about it. I was already starting to text my girl friends on how ridiculous it was, and figured it’d be a lot easier if I just jotted down everything that annoyed me… which was a lot. To be honest I haven’t even found the time to sit down and watch part 2 of the whole ordeal, for those of you who haven’t seen part 1, well you didn’t miss much – and you can get the main points if you just read below… 

It actually ended up being somewhat entertaining thanks to Khole’s smart ass (minus the fact EVERYTHING is ENTIRELY SCRIPTED!!)

Three minutes in and Kim is already complaining about Kris’ dogs, how she’s going to live with them. She can’t tolerate them in her bed. “Dog boogers are disgusting and unsanitary and these are just issues I can’t deal with. I have allergies now. Those things have to go in crates. I’m going to a hotel.” Seriously? enough is enough…

To start off… I’m not kidding when I say ¼ of the show was about Kris and her surgery she got done on her face, which happened to be a little too graphic anyways.

Great comment from Mr. Humphries when he told Khloe “your mom looks like an alien from MIB.” He continues to go on with saying “Khole’s just an inappropriate attention seeker” –  “She’s just so creepy to be around.” – how nice to say to your future sister in-law.

Laughed out loud when Scott mocked Kris H on his slowww dumb voice.…. “Sorrrry guysss I got losttt. Againnn….” – funny how I noticed this the first time this guy was introduced on the show.

Oh and another ¼ of the show is all shots of scenery in LA

How is it that after 5 weeks Kris finally makes her ‘entrance’… and shows off her new look after surgery… what, has she been in hiding out since then?

Sidenote: anyone notice Kim’s luuuumpy butt in her white pants the day she went wedding dress shopping (yikes, fashion faux pas).

Is it me or is it odd that Kim’s entire family questions Mr. Humphrie’s intentions and they’re all seriously worried about a prenup?

Casino wedding theme – Really Humphries, funny but definitely won’t fly with your girl.

5 Guys and Burgers… and a little truck… or stand? Haha I actually loved Humphrie’s reference to a State Fair for their wedding.

Kim’s mom apparently planned it out so that the entire Kardashian side of the family was scheduled to roll up in Rolls Royces and Kris H’s poor side of the family areeeeeee driving up in what?….

Rob let it be known that Khole doesn’t like Kris’ voice either (haha that makes a few of us…)

Booking the wedding location behind Humphrie’s back. Seriously? Who does that?

“Eating tacos is like the best experience.” – I might have to agree Rob haha

And another ¼ of the show is dedicated to Robs food addiction…

Why would you give people donuts at the wedding? In the shape of a heart… classy Kim… real classy haha

So that leaves 1/4 of the show left over (between Kris’ surgery, LA scenery and Rob’s addiction) – of that I’d still say there was only a total of 10 minutes that covered the actual wedding planning. Sweet. Still have yet to watch part 2… is it even worth my time to watch it?

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