Facebook Marketing Strategies

I recently began planning social media strategies for the new Laugh Factory here in Chicago – and we’ve just now created our presence online with the new Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’m constantly on Twitter reading new posts and links that other Social Media “gurus” are posting, trying to gain insight and tips on how to reach specific target markets. Anyways, I came across this little infographic and felt it was important enough to pass on. I chose to throw it in a blog post, figured it be easier for me to go back and look it on here rather than finding in it all my numerous tweets. Enjoy 🙂

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Ten Years Later, We Will #NeverForget

“…But for those of us who lived through these events, the only marker we’ll ever need is the tick of a clock at the 46th minute of the eighth hour of the 11th day. We will remember where we were and how we felt.” – George W. Bush

I woke up yesterday morning and knew I wanted to write a blog post in relation to the 10th Anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, but yet somehow I couldn’t even find 140 “characters” to put into a tweet, let alone write a post. It’s so hard for me to even find words to express the sympathy and sadness for a day like that in our history. For two hours I sat on my computer viewing images, watching news footage and reading numerous stories from 9/11, so painful to relive that morning. I recently read the featured story in People Magazine which profiled ten, 9 year old children who lost their fathers that day – whom they never had the opportunity to even meet, literally started crying in line at Kroger. So tragic and so sad, especially when the mothers told of how they explained to their kids, the story behind their father’s heroic deaths.

I think everyone remembers exactly where they were and how they reacted to the news coverage that morning. It was 7th grade for me, class had just ended and I vividly remember the terror and fear in all my classmates eyes as I walked the hallway to my next class. I remember seeing my math teacher in tears as we watched it on TV – I wasn’t completely aware of the Twin Towers – but halfway through the morning I knew that we had faced a horrible, horrible tragedy that day. When I arrived home from school that afternoon I walked into the living room where my dad was crying in disbelief, head in his hands, just sitting in front of our TV. The days, weeks and months that followed consisted nothing of depressing news coverage and continuous mourning over the loss of so many innocent lives. September 11, 2001 truly changed our lives forever. However, on a positive note, I believe it brought us, as a country together and gave us strength, something we’ve always struggled with. It’s unfortunate it took such a tragic event to make this happen but I think the relationships that people have with their neighbors and strangers are forever changed, in a much better way than they were before. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected that day and the days following. We will never forget.

“Reflecting Absence” two reflecting pools in place of where the Twin Towers once stood.

3,000 names around the perimeter of the water falls

Incredible skyline

New York Post tweeted this amazing photo of Ground Zero’s reflecting pools lit up at night

Standing next to the reflecting pools is the Freedom Tower, (still undergoing construction) stunning to look at.

Anxiously Waiting…

Back in early June I got the official word and position that I would be working for the new Laugh Factory opening here Chicago – a well reputable comedy club that’s extremely successful out in LA. I had the opportunity to work out there last summer as a cocktail waitress, which is fortunately how I was able to get in to this location here. As soon as I received word that they were planning on opening a club in Chicago, I immediately got in contact with the owner, had an interview when he was visiting here and basically got offered the position right then and there. They decided to bring me on as a social media and marketing person, since that was were my expertise was. I informed them about my passion with social media and the great benefits it’ll have for their company – especially since comedy is all about interacting with your fans. Since I’m not a talented comedian myself, I figured I can do more of the ‘behind the scenes entertainment’ and interact with the fans in a different manner – through tweeting, facebooking, blogging, etc.

 The Laugh Factory is opening in the old Lakeshore Theater location on Belmont and Broadway in the Lakeview neighborhood. The building has been undergoing an $5 million dollar renovation which has ultimately taken the entire summer and longer to complete. After just recently meeting with my boss at the Laugh Factory and two other employees a few weeks ago, he gave us a start date of September 12th in the office – next Monday! and I can hardly wait!

I’ve been in talks and texting with my co-worker, Tricia – who will also be a social media and marketing coordinator as well – for the past few weeks. We’ve met previously to discuss all our thoughts, ideas and plans on what we want to do for the Laugh Factory. We had the chance to tour our new office, where our minds will be hard at work, and let me tell you… we’re completely feeding off the energy and excitement of each other, which is making us more anxious to actually start. The 377 person theater is planning for a red-carpet blowout, with promised A-Lister celebrities, something I hope Tricia and I will soon be diligently working on! I just keep telling myself patience is key… it’ll all fall into place, eventually. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a start date within the next week so we get in that office to begin planning and promoting this impressive new club coming to Chicago! Until then I’ll keep you posted, especially on the actual opening date of the club itself 🙂

Condoms for Heels?

These have got to be theee cutest “accessory” I’ve ever seen. Brilliance in the world of fashion! Rather than spending $90 on another pair of shoes why not spend just $20-$40 to dress up/change the look of a current pair of heels you already have? I originally came across Heel Condom’s Facebook Page yesterday after a friend “Liked” it and then ironically saw a blog post about them this afternoon – which inspired me to give my two cents about them.

I think they’re absolutely adorable and allow for a great way to mix up your outfits and style. The feather ones are a little funky – but definitely worth wearing at least once. Any of them are sure to make you stand out and would look phenomenal with a little black dress 🙂 I think I’m soon to be obsessed – seriously considering ordering a few pairs. Check out more styles on their website: Heel Condoms

A Social Media Obssesion

You know you’re obsessed with social media when the first things you do after your alarm goes off in the morning are… (via my iPhone mind you):

1. Check for any Twitter mentions

2. Read through the emails notifying me of my new Twitter followers

3. Check for any new notifications on Facebook

4. Check Instagram for any new followers or likes

5. Go to my Google+ app to view who’s added me to their circle

6. Check out my Chicago Groupon app to see what deals are popular (especially for dinner that day)

7. Head to my LinkedIn app to view the profile of who wants to connect with me

And then to make matters worse, after I spend 10 minutes doing all this on my iPhone, I head straight to my Mac and do it all over again, just so I can see it on a bigger screen or is it because I’m obsessed? Three other things I do once on my computer – (1) head to my iGoogle homepage where I’ve subscribed to and follow multiple RSS feeds of different blogs… all based around social media – here, I read up on any new interesting articles – which I usually end up Tweeting/Retweeting (2) I do a little stumbling on StumbleUpon to see if there’s anything worth sharing with my Twitter followers and (3) I head to my WordPress Blog account to check out my site stats/views/comments – and sometimes take a few minutes to write a blog post about something that is on my mind.

I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I’m starting to become a real Social Media Enthusiast – and I’m not ashamed 😉