The Importance of Twitter Chats

I recently started getting involved in Twitter chats about a month ago, and I pretty much dived in head first not really knowing what to expect. The first few I remember just sitting back and watching my Twitter feed (under specific chats) just flood in with multiple tweets per second. Didn’t say much but rather watched the process of it all, who was heading it, what kind of responses were coming in and the unique interactions that were taking place. It didn’t take long for me to learn a few of the specifics and eventually start getting invited to other chats taking place throughout the week. I’d still consider myself a newbie as I’m learning something new every chat I “attend” – but for all those others out there who have yet to get involved I’ll start you off with a few beginner tips. If you’re a twitter chat pro please feel free to comment and pass some tips on my way!

1. Use – type in the chat you’re attending at the top, this is a constant feed of tweets from that specific chat only. You don’t even need to add the hashtag at the end of your tweet, it already does it for you!

2. Download the Classic Retweet if you haven’t done so already, makes retweeting a breeze (note: there are different ones for Chrome & Firefox, etc).

3. Follow the people you’re interacting with, a majority of them have great future insight to PR, Social Media and Marketing – things your interested in. And they usually always respond with a mention or a follow back. I gain about 10+ new followers from every chat – you’ll eventually start recognizing their faces from other chats too.

4. After engaging in conversation with these people, send them a personal mention or message outside of the chat asking if they want to connect on LinkedIn. I’ve had multiple people even offer me recommendations or suggestions for places looking to hire. Twitter chats are a GREAT place to connect with people in your area of business.

5. After the chat is complete, send out a Tweet expressing a note of thanks to the person(s) who headed the chat, asked all the questions and provided some great answers. Even a tweet of thanks mentioning 5 or 10 new connections you made always helps to put a smile on their face. People like to be recognized, there’s no doubting that.

6. Each chat is usually only an hour long, with an average of 6 questions – trust me it’s worth your time and the connections made. It’s even possible to participate while having the Bachelor on in the background. 😉

Here’s a list of different chats I’ve taken place in over the past few weeks on a nightly basis that you may be interested in (central time):

Monday: #InternPro at 8:00pm, #JobHuntChat at 9:00pm

Tuesday: #LeadershipChat at 7:00pm, #LinkedInChat at 7:00pm, #GetRealChat at 8:00pm and #SMManners at 9:00pm

Wednesday: #GenYChat at 8:00pm, #ToolsChat at 9:00pm

Thursday: #b2bchat at 7:00pm, #MediaChat at 8:00pm

Sunday: #BlogChat at 8:00pm


6 comments on “The Importance of Twitter Chats

  1. You’re always welcome at #LeadershipChat on Tuesday nights, Sarah! :>}

  2. Great post Sarah! Glad you’re enjoying the world of twitter chats. I’ve just started hosting them (#AtomicChat every Monday 9 pm est, focus mainly on content marketing) and they are a great way to network / meet new people. They’re meaningful conversations because everyone is there for the same reason and are always so inquisitive. Maybe I’ll see you around in some other chats! Talk soon! 🙂

  3. Aynex says:

    Hmmm… I have never participated in one but sounds interesting… maybe I’ll give it a try.

  4. ResumeSmith says:

    Sarah, I’m with you – I’m LOVING the connections I’ve made on Twitter chats (after all, I met YOU at one…). All your tips are right on the money. I do them all except Classic Retweet – but I’ll look into that. Tweetchat seems to be off-and-on with the re-tweet button for me.

  5. Hi Sarah! Twitter chats are indeed a great resource – a very supportive environment for learning and sharing ideas. Thank you for joining us on #InternPro. We’re so happy you enjoyed the chat!

  6. Jonathan says:

    If you’re interested in getting into the sports industry be sure to check out #SportJC (@SportJobChat) this Monday at 8pm EST. It’s our first week! Aimed at college students, recruiters and educators. We have recruiters from the Sacramento Kings and Baltimore Ravens particpating to name a few!

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