Take Time to Get Inspired

In the frenzy of our everyday lives – it seems we never let 10 minutes go by without checking our phone or computers. Waiting for texts, emails, missed calls, Instagram and Word With Friends updates and countless hours browsing sites like Pinterest (my new obsession), all seem to have forced us to be so wrapped up in our work and social world that it’s really difficult to find time for yourself. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m half tempted to delete my Words With Friends just so I can enjoy the last 20 minutes of my day before I fall asleep collecting my thoughts. Instead, I’m making moves on the 10 games I’m currently playing with my friends, it’s pathetic.

So another habit I’m trying to make for myself – is to avoid engaging in some of these useless games and sites on my phone, in order to allow more “me time.” My mom bought me a few books for Christmas which after opening, were followed by the “oh sweet, thanks mom” thought process in my head – but I’m actually going to start devoting some time in the morning when I wake up and the last half hour before I go to sleep, reading them. I just recently finished reading Dave Ramsey’s: Entreleadership, a book that my mom and step dad gave to me. I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it and walked into work everyday excited to share something new I had read about with my colleagues. Highly recommended! As of January 1st, I just started reading Simple Abundance, which has a short reading for each morning – so far, so good I’ve allotted 5 minutes after I wake up to read each day’s message. Another thing I’m doing with each’s day’s reading is jotting down anything important that happened that day. At the start of every year I plan to re-read this book, going through each day and looking back at what I accomplished the year prior or what things were happening – kind of a like a diary 🙂

I find that when I’m not distracted by TV, my phone or my computer, I come up with great thoughts and ideas – I become INSPIRED. Although, a lot of my thought processes and inspiration leads to things I eventually want to write a blog post about –  in the end takes me right back to my computer. However, I find that I can easily justify this because in all actuality it’s helping me to create a brand for myself and potentially my future. Do you have a certain time each day where you allot it to yourself and not work? If so, what do you spend it doing?

9 comments on “Take Time to Get Inspired

  1. Aynex says:

    Time for myself is something I need to do. Once I live without a TV and it was so amazing how much I got done.

  2. Wendy Orr says:

    Very timely thoughts; I think many of us are reflecting on all this (or trying to schedule time to reflect on it!) I find one of the advantages of having a high energy dog is that I need to walk him twice a day – it’s non-negotiable, even in rain. I use that time for reflection, sometimes deliberately thinking of a problem in a book I’m working on, and sometimes vague reflection; occasionally poems pop up this way. And whatever I think of, I return refreshed and ready to get back to work.

  3. David Sharp says:

    It is great that you are inspired Sarah because without inspiration nothing happens. Don’t forget you need to take action though or all your inspiration will come to nothing.


  4. Hello Sarah, For me, the best habit I have started at the end of 2011 is to walk my dogs everyday while listening to books on tape…i love those moments because just like you, I get ideas and i get inspired! I agree with you that we must allow more quiet time in our daily lives! It’s so healthy to go inside and calm our mind 😉 I started short Yoga routines as well…I love it ~

  5. Great Blog. I found you on Resume Smiths Blog! I am now following you on Twitter!

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