What character do you play on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?

The Difference Between the Three 

(From my perspective…)


Facebook is for those you personally know, you’ve met at least once face to face (hopefully). You learn (or don’t really learn) and read about things you shouldn’t care about, things that benefit you in no way what so ever. Facebook is where you can still pretend like you’re “young” and in college.

Twitter is for those people you wish you personally knew and could meet face to face. You learn and read articles posted by them about some of the most important things – things that will actually benefit you in your life and career. Twitter is where you act a little more mature and interact with other professionals – it’s not a friend “hangout.”

LinkedIn is for connecting with people you one day would love to do business with – you learn and read about events and companies you could actually see yourself becoming involved with at some point in your career. LinkedIn is where you shouldn’t be able to tell one’s age (besides basing it off the picture and graduation year), you should be nothing but professional on here.

So with that, feel free to add me on Twitter and LinkedIn – preferably not Facebook, since there’s probably a good chance we haven’t met face to face 🙂

One comment on “What character do you play on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?

  1. jmignano10 says:

    Hey Sarah!

    It always amuses me when I see tweets or Facebook updates from people that are downright angry with the content they see in front of them. Like, “Stop being so depressing on Facebook,” or, “Stop posting song lyrics, that’s what Facebook is for,” etc. It’s always interesting to see how different people feel different sites should be used. It’s even better when I see directly contrasting opinions! Hopefully I’m not alone here.

    All content aside and focusing only on who to connect with, I completely agree with your views here and use the three sites in the same way. One thing that I write about a lot on my own blog is that there is always a right and a wrong way to use social media… Those lines get blurred too often!

    -James Mignano

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