Life Was Easier When…

So both Erica and my mom asked me the other day what I wanted for my birthday and I couldn’t even list one thing they could get for me. I’m laughing now because when I was 7 I feel like the list was endless. Of course a new Big Box of 96 Crayons (with the sharpener in the back) was always at the top, along with a package of new clothes and accessories for my barbies. Life was so much easier and more simple then – presents seemed to be so much more exciting. My mom could spend $10 bucks on those two items and I would be the happiest birthday girl in the world. I feel like now I’m just wanting clothes, shoes or accessories for myself all of which cost a great deal more than $10. Mom mentioned the idea of a gift card to Crate & Barrel, hum thanks but no thanks 😉 – I haven’t grown up that much – I’ll be 4o and a homeowner before I get excited for a present like that one. Just kidding, love you mom, but really some clothes, shoes or gift cards would be just fabulous. (By the way for those of you looking to live a healthy lifestyle check out Momma’s new up and coming blog about The B Power Page).

Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I will be happy and satisfied with whatever present(s) I may or may not receive on my birthday. The fact that I’m almost 22, supporting myself in what I would consider one of the most amazing cities, living with a wonderful roommate, blessed with an exciting job and enjoying every second of my life is a wonderful birthday present to myself. I may just be taking it all for granted, but I really do have everything that I need and as of now, I’m perfectly content with how things are panning out in my life. So with that, I think I just may be the happiest birthday girl in the world this year 🙂


2 comments on “Life Was Easier When…

  1. Martha Bones says:

    Sarah, So good to hear from you and that all is going ‘splendidly’. This is my first experience with ‘blogging’ but guess I should keep up with all the new things. What type of job do you have that you are enjoying and how nice that you are so happy with your roommate. Yor mom is due here shortly to bring a TV table that she isn’t using. The entertainment center that was in the basement is one of the many pieces of furniture that have been deemed a ‘total loss’. Do keep in touch. Love, Nana

  2. Megan Duplantis says:

    you are so precious sargue, gosh i love you. glad to see you so happy!

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