Learning to Live On a Budget

After being in Chicago just over a week I’m quickly realizing how easy it is to blow through money. Between trying out new places to eat in the area, shopping for cute weekend outfits and paying for a few drinks, my savings is continuing to dwindle down. It doesn’t help that I’ve created a little bucket list of things I still want to do this summer, most importantly Lollapalooza, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about that weekend. However, Erica and I have been entertaining and keeping ourselves busy with a lot of activities that don’t come with a cost. Earlier this week we made our first ever visit downtown to Millennium Park and finally got to see the famous bean! I had my first ride on the subway – where I’ve only ever seen such a thing “in the movies.” All I have to say is that walking around downtown knowing that you’re officially a resident of the area and finally feeling a party of the city is a completely different feeling than just visiting Chicago. Erica and I must have looked ridiculous with such cheesy grins caked on our faces, if only others new the happiness that was inside us 🙂

Zeeee Bean

Typical. Had to do it. Reflection.

Hoping it happens sooner than later that I get to have an experience here!

Finding the happiness in every place I go 🙂

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One comment on “Learning to Live On a Budget

  1. Martha F. Bones says:

    I was reading through your ‘blog’–I guess that is what it is called–some was older news–some more recent–nice comments about your uncle as well as your mom–both being my children, I too am proud of all that they do. I did not read anything definitive regarding the job you were offered. is it a ‘done’ deal? Love, Nana

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