When a House Becomes a Home

What takes most people nearly a year to complete, I think Erica and I were successfully able to do in under a week. After arriving in Chicago last Wednesday I moved into what seemed to be just another apartment. And just 5 days later we’ve actually created a “home” for ourselves. There’s been numerous times already where either Erica and I walk through the dining room with a smile and comment to one another about how much we truly adore our new place. It’s a great feeling to have especially after we each left what we have considered to be a normal life, and a comfort zone back home. We’re now in a new city, experiencing new things and living a new life – and by having what I’d like to think of as an inviting and cozy apartment like ours to come back home to – really seems to have helped us settle in with little stress.

Our bright kitchen where all the delicious treats are made! Check out Erica’s blog Little Shortcake to gain some insight on some of the best tasting sweets you’ll ever eat ๐Ÿ™‚

In love with our living room. Fortunately we loved all the colors that were initially painted on the walls and we were able to match all of our furniture and decor accordingly!

My little abode… slowly coming together. Walls are still bare, and I have no lighting besides a lamp and a window (waiting on the landlord to send out an electrician to put in new fixtures… or something like that – he’s been saying that for a few weeks now haha)

Another favorite area of the apartment, the dining room where all our tasty meals are eaten! If only you could see the other side of the room you would see my project from last week. Painting a light wood hutch to black helped to tie the room together. Except Erica and I got a little to anxious to move the hutch back in to the room – pretty sure the cabinet doors are stuck shut because we refused to let it dry for the full two hours. Oh well, still looks classy ๐Ÿ™‚

Last but not least – our first night out in Chicago! Happy girls


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