“The Perfect 10”

Not to get too sappy, but this post goes out to my wonderful roomies. This is something I really wish we would have taken a night to do before we moved out, and wrote out some of the things that we enjoyed most about each other. I’ve managed to put a few things down for each of you and what you mean to me!! 🙂 Starting from the upstairs rooms – working my way to the basement rooms – so no particular order (since that’s the easiest way to make sure I’ve included all 10 of you, you know how it is)…

Addi: You’re the music to my ears and to all the things I love to hear: I can’t imagine our house without you this year Addi (mom), between you keeping us sane and responsible I think we could have easily gotten out of control. Although you never put any limits or curfews on us, you definitely kept us in line haha. Oh and I really wish you’d consider joining that acapella group at State, God knows you have an amazing voice, all your children loved hearing it this year. 🙂 Especially when you had a new song to spring upon us – those always seemed to be the best ones, most recently you’re rendition of the “Perfect Ten.” You’re an amazing girl and I loved having you apart of our family, you continue to believe and support me in everything I do, and honestly that’s helped me get to where I now am today… in Chicago (in pursuit of a job!!) I’m gonna do big things mom – I promise you!

Kelsey: You’re the “oh yeah!” to all my stories: Oh Kelsey… where do I even start with you. I tried to come up with a saying that had something to do about picking… but I figured that wouldn’t be cool, especially for anyone that takes the time to actually read this post haha. Or I could have mentioned the front staircase incident, but again that wouldn’t be very nice of me. You are the Ging to the Hillcrest Palace, I can say that without being offensive. I love you and you’re quirky antics, always putting a smile on my face. I’ll always remember that “oh yeah” expression of yours, when you finally remember or understand something that we’re talking about – it’s priceless. I can’t wait to see where you end up in the future, you’re such a sweet girl and have a very positive effect on the people around you and those you work with. I wish you the best of luck in all you do!

Kyla: You’re the comfort to my cuddle: Kyla… my free byrd. My cuddle buddy and my body pillow – so glad you were happy with me by your side the other night haha. You truly are what everyone around you has told you are, you’re a remarkable, easy-going, real, intelligent and loving person. You cast a positive light on everyone and you are one of the truest most beautiful people I’ve ever met both inside and out. I admire you in so many ways, and know that you will accomplish literally anything you put your mind to, nothing will ever hold you back Kyla, nothing. Fly and be free my lover!

Kelly: You’re the laughter to my happiness: Your laughter is what keeps me going Kellis! I looked forward to hearing your giggle after every stupid thing that was said in our house, you’re just sooo contagious! I have no doubt in my mind that you’re going to make an amazing and fun-loving teacher one day! The love you have for kids is obvious, and it’s clear that they love their Miss Kelly just as much as all your roommates do. (I just wish you would have presented the owl pellets to us the way you did to the kids, because then you’d probably be our favorite). You’re a beautiful girl who has worked so hard to get where you are today and I respect you for that. If you’re ever teaching in the same area where my kids are raised I’m requesting you as their second grade teacher 🙂 I’m going to forever miss your Lucyyyy Louuu voices!

Chelsea: You’re the partner to my crime: You’ve been my wingman, my partner and my cheddabug throughout all our years at State. Not sure what I would have done without you. *meow* haha I can’t even begin to list all the stupid things we’ve encountered resulting in nothing but laughter. I’ll never forget the most embarrassing of them all, our snow bank crash that left us stranded in only a foot of snow up against a curb. Something as dumb as that, left us sitting there crying and peeing our pants for way to long. Aside from that I’m literally sitting here thinking, when I’ll ever curl someone’s hair again to go to the bar, let alone who’s going to curl your’s for you next year!? You’re great girl Chelsea who has so much to offer, including your intelligence, beauty and most importantly your laughter. Besides the fact that you’ll probably have the highest salary of any of us recent Hillcrest grads, I still have high hopes for you in your future chedda.

Brittany: You’re the blonde to my “brunetteness:” BrittNAY. I’ve got nothing but high expectations for you. Although you pull off some pretty “rare” or should I say dumb things… lol (don’t take it personally) but how many times have you honestly asked me “where’s my phone!” “where are my keys? “or “how do you do this assignment?” (when it’s clearly explained in the assignment) or “F***, I forgot my coffee!!!! (I believe that happened just 3 times in the last week of school alone)? We always ask you how you function, but yet somehow you really find a way  haha. You’re focus and drive is impeccable and with that you will go far Brittany. You have a true passion for something you love – just follow it and you will find success. And when I say success I don’t mean just financially I mean you will find a great sense of happiness. Good luck in everything you do, and I expect back stage passes one day – maybe you could break into the hip-hop music industry and get me some back stage for Chris Brown 🙂

Lisa: You’re the tears to my cry: Good Lord Lisa. You were the first one I had a “saying for” dealing with tears. Between you and me just this semester alone, I think we could have filled the Red Cedar River with the amount of tears we shed. So many countless movies, Teen Mom shows, Extreme Home Makeovers that we’ve caught each other crying over. We’ll never live our sappiness down. I absolutely adore you Lisa, you’re a beautiful girl who catches the attention of so many! You have a personality that attracts people, you’re loving, giggly, smiley and so personable – which is what makes you a prime hospitality employee I suppose! Don’t ever change Lisa, I love you girl – shine bright and keep smiling 🙂

Court: You’re the cheese to my macaroni… enough said:” Surprise, surprise I didn’t have a hard time coming up with something for you either. Figured this really captured your “inner” beauty haha and by that I mean you’re bodily reaction to “dairy” haha. Same with Kelly your giggles are contagious, especially after a few drinks – everyone knows when Court’s getting a little tipsy. Those asian eyes slowly start to appear and everything becomes funny to you. And before we know it, the morning after when you decide to polish off your whole box of macaroni, and after a few burps, you all of a sudden excuse yourself; “sorry guys I’m just so airy.” Yea yea whatever Court. I love you girl. Forever and always, stay beautiful, stay smart and you’ll accomplish great things in life.

Kate: last but certainly not least, you’re my guidance when in need, and a best friend indeed: Kate, my lover, my best friend, and my second set of eyes, what would I do without you? You’ve been by my side through thick and thin and always will be. You’re a stunning girl, shining brightly both inside and out. And you have a unique sense of humor – dirty, male, hockey locker room humor that is – either way it captures the attention of so many. You’re always there when I need you and the same goes for anyone else who needs you by their side. You’re the type of girl that will literally give anyone the shirt off your back just to help them get by. I admire your sincerity and beauty and I know you will continue to positively effect all those around you. Keep smiling and stand tall 😉 you’re gonna go places in life my little beauty. I love you.

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