Turning the Page to the Next Chapter

Today’s the day I’ve been dreading for so long. The day I leave my “happy place,” my comfort zone, my second family, the Hillcrest Palace, and more importantly I’m leaving behind what has so far been the best four years of my life. I’m currently sitting in a Penske moving truck in a seat that’s not even a seat. It’s a stool with a pillow atop of it placed between my mom and my stepdad (my ass is killing me mind you) and we’re in route straight to this windy city.

Leaving beautiful East Lansing where it was nothing but sunshine to head to Chicago which Erica says is rainy and cold. Boo. Not a great way to top this bittersweet day off.

Saying goodbye to my 9 girlfriends/sisters and 2 house brothers was nearly impossible this morning. We kept saying to each other this isn’t good bye it’s I’ll see you later. But in a way it is good bye. It’s good bye to the irresponsible but unpredictable and exciting college life that we lived. It’s saying goodbye to a “palace” that housed 10 amazing girls. When will I ever have a living situation like that again? I won’t. Those girls are more than just friends, they’re family and my comfort zone. I’m now moving out of that and that’s what’s a little scary. All it took was one second of eye contact with these girls and the tears started pouring.

Through it all we’re trying to find the positive. We’ve created some awesome places to visit in the near future. Thanks to Lisa – working in hospitality business – she’ll be working at a Fairview Hotel in the heart/heat of Miami. Sounds like a perfect hotspot for our next roomie reunion. Kyla will be on the west coast in Portland which would make for another great vacation. And me, I’ll be in Chicago allowing for a great weekend getaway of shopping for all the girls! Thank God most the girls will still be on EL providing a place to crash when I come back home for the Michigan vs Michigan State football game. Already looking forward to that weekend.

Like I’ve said before, I know Chicago already has a lot of wonderful things in store for me, it’s just depressing leaving all I’ve know behind.  But I truly can’t wait to pursue my dreams here. Although it’s looking awfully cloudy heading into this city, I’d like to think my future is looking pretty bright. 🙂


One comment on “Turning the Page to the Next Chapter

  1. Martha Bones says:

    What a wonderful tribute to all involved. You may have missed your calling and do more writing from now on. I loved reading the comments about ever so many things–too many to mention. Love, Nana

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