ONE WEEK From Today

It’s the first and last thing on my mind during the day. This whole concept of graduation and moving away from everything I’ve known to be a “normal” just boggles my mind. It’s something so so sooo bittersweet. For the first time in 8 years I won’t be living in the same city as my best friend, we’ve been inseparable since we were 13 (whether that’s crazy or cute I’m not really sure). I won’t be living with my dog. I’ll be moving out of East Lansing from what has been referred to as the Hillcrest Palace, away from my “second family” – which includes 12 unrelated people. I’m not an hour away from home (instead, I’m 2 – yea yea not a big deal, but it’s still a change). So I’m basically moving out of my comfort zone. Something that is both scary but exciting at the same time.

In just a week from today I’ll literally be packing up everything from this Palace and moving it to my new apartment in Chicago. It still has yet to hit me that I’m about to enter the “real world” and live in a city like the one I’m heading to. So many questions and thoughts racing through my mind at the end of the day…

If I put all the things I’m going to miss about State aside, I feel like I’ll be just fine. There’s so much I’ve been told that I should be looking forward to – between Cubs games, new bars, new people, new employment, Lollapalooza (never been!), exploring new restaurants and of course shopping – I’m thinking that will be enough to keep me busy for a summer. Through all these new experiences I’m hoping they’ll allow me to continue the use of my blog and offer me ways to really get creative with it all!


2 comments on “ONE WEEK From Today

  1. TC says:

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little choked up when I read this. I’ll miss everything about this place as well and nowhere (no matter how cool and interesting)will ever be as close to my heart as East Lansing.

  2. Erica says:

    SARAH! Of course you’ll be okay 🙂 I know it’s sad leaving but we’re going to have the most amazing time! I promise. It’s scary but we’re going to explore the big city together and make many memories. Just remember, we have Linus as our little guard dog 🙂 hehe love you!

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