Never Say Never! (NSN3D Review)

For those that don’t already know me, I’ve been struck by the Bieber Fever. After coming down with it over a year ago and having still found no cure… some of the side effects I’ve experienced are incessant smiling when seeing him, an unfortunate jealousy when he’s pictured around other girls and an overwhelming feeling of happiness when he’s in my presence (whether he’s on T.V. or on the radio). Below is the current state he stands in our living room of our house. He get’s plenty of attention while living with myself and 9 other girls.

So now that you understand my obsession with Bieber… on to the actual review of the movie! To be completely and utterly honest I’d have to say it was one of the most heart-warming and best movies I’ve seen in awhile. All my guy friends continue to laugh and make fun of my fascination for Justin – but he truly is an inspiring individual, especially for being only 16 years old. As a small town boy, he represents so many young aspiring teens out there and because of that he has this unbelievable impact upon them. The 3-D aspect part of the film was probably the best decision producers and directors could have made. I (along with all 300 others in the theater) felt as if Justin was truly reaching out and singing directly to me in the crowd! I would highly suggest this film to anyone and any age! It’s a must see for all 🙂




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